“It takes men to help end sexism. It takes whites to help end racism.”

— Fred Jealous, age 79

I appreciate everyone who is digging deep and getting more involved in this moment.

My parents are my heros. Mom is black. Dad is white. They have both been involved in the civil rights movement since the 1950’s. They are both activists and therapists.

Here are two resources from them for white folks wanting to be better allies in the struggle for racial justice.

The first is mom’s book: www.combineddestinies.com . It’s an anthology of 53 white people’s stories about how racism against blacks hurt their own lives. It won a national book award a few years ago. It had tools for moderating group conversations.

The second is one of the local organizations my father has co-founded: www.whitesforracialequity.org. The resources are outstanding.

Let’s go build a stronger, more just nation, together.

Much love,


President, People For the American Way. Visiting Scholar, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. Former National President, NAACP.

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